Author: Chip Brackley

Ready to Gain Confidence in Your Financial Life?

Learn more about where you are financially and plan for where you want to be.

fincancial education

We believe financial education is important and it’s never too early to teach kids about money. Money management is one of the most important life skills we can all learn and yet it’s not really a focus in the education system. Almost every decision we make as adults revolves around money so why would we Read More

Can you recall a time when you received an unexpected gift? Maybe you were in need at the time, or possibly it was something totally unexpected? Thinking back on situations like these, what is it that you remember? Was it the gift or the feelings and emotions you experienced from the gift?  My guess is Read More

Don't let emotions drive Investments

With all of the volatility in the market the last few weeks, I wanted to discuss the importance of shutting out the noise and making smart investing decisions. As investors, many of us are hyper focused on returns… especially over the short-term. What we’ve learned over the years is that this type of focus tends Read More

Financial Freedom

Today I want to show you that financial planning isn’t complex and it’s actually a simple process. What makes it simple?  Learning the 4 pillars of financial planning. You see, most of the time we get roped into the idea that there is some “secret formula” out there that is going to save the day. Read More

cash flow

“We were always focused on our profit and loss statement. But cash flow was not a regularly discussed topic. It was as if we were driving along, watching only the speedometer, when in fact we were running out of gas.” – Michael Dell Some people say cash is king but we say cash FLOW is King. Read More

What is financial success? Is it having a lot of money, being able to buy what you want, having the money to travel or something else? After helping hundreds of people with their finances I can tell you that everyone has a different answer, but no matter how you break it down there are a Read More

Does budgeting really work? Or, should you throw it out the window? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could throw your budget out the window for good?   Would that free you from the stress of thinking you had to account for every dollar and every penny if you want to be successful? Let’s be honest Read More

Our mission is to help you reach contentment. We believe if you don’t have Clarity about what you’re doing and you aren’t Confident in why you’re doing it, then you likely won’t be Content with where you are. With contentment, comes a life-altering peace of mind. Let’s take a few moments to discuss what we Read More